Another Long Night Out - Music Minus One - No Leads


Another Long Night Out - Music Minus One - No Leads

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This is the full "Another Long Night Out" album with NO PIANO & NO OTHER LEAD INSTRUMENTS (lead guitar, lead sax, lead trumpet) in the mix so you can listen to just the band only track or play along and record on all 11 tracks. These tracks are non-compressed/non-mastered high resolution 320kbps mp3 files so you can load them into your iPod or to Logic, ProTools or any other DAW. Charts to all the songs are available HERE for FREE.

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ALNO "Minus Minus One - ALL LEADS" includes the following tracks:

1. "City Lights" BAND ONLY

2. "Fullerton Ave." BAND ONLY

3. "Beyond The Frontier" BAND ONLY

4. "Heroes Of The Dawn" BAND ONLY

5. "Beautiful Liar" BAND ONLY

6. "Double Exposure" BAND ONLY

7. "Twilight" BAND ONLY

8. "Horizon" BAND ONLY

9. "Alone With You" BAND ONLY

10. "Long Night Out" BAND ONLY

11. "Changing Tides" BAND ONLY

Download all the CHARTS for FREE.